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Meta tags... They are essential for your Webpages!

Meta tags are blocks of special content on Webpages that can provide information about your site to search engines, social apps and chat apps. Meta tags are located in the <head> section and are not visible in the browser as they are created for machines to read.

VerifyMeta tags make a difference

Properly setting up meta tags on your Webpages will make a huge difference when your site is shared. The difference is between showing a plain link and a visually appealing preview of what your site is all about.

Verify Meta will help you edit, debug and generate meta tag code for your website. You can try different images and text for the tags and preview how your webpage will appear on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype and others.

This will help improve SEO, make the site look more professional and promote sharing and engagement as users have a better idea about your Website.

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